Somewhere along the way…

I got out of the blogging habit.

There was a time where I’d be posting daily on various subjects and it seems life (that real life away from the keyboard) just got in the way. I blame Isaac being born – if he wasn’t so entertaining I’d be far more productive.

So time to get things a little more on track…

Having now crafted a new blog for Steph – and got back into a bit of drawing for I’m in the mood to both spruce things up on here and migrate satirical across to WP (its on blogger at the moment).

Wrapped up in these changes are a few side projects before the intensity of the Pysc degree stars back up, namely:-

  • Learn how to build themes from scratch – well almost from scatch
  • Learn how to code interactive graphics in HTML5 – mainly for a few ideas I have for SatBlog

This is onto of the work I need to do on and a few things for Isaac.

Busy times!



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