Updates becoming sparse again so I need to up my output and get the discipline back…not that I’ve been idle.

I’ve been working on satiricalblog.com and coming up with a new layout that is just about ready – the next step looking at freshening up the content and then advertising it more widely.
The idea being that it’ll be a good test case for some of the social media work and ideas to increase traffic.

But there are a few things eating into my time and motivation:-

  • Emily
  • Preparing for Glastonbury
  • Applying for my job

Also, a point raised by David B, how much do I want to associate my public profile (twitter/Reddit/pintrest) with my cartoons?
Is there a risk of a twitter storm… does it matter?

Lots to consider…

Anyway ramble ramble…

fixing the WordPress white screen of death

One of my biggest frustrations with WordPress has been the amount of times that, at seemingly random times, I would get a completely blank screen.
Now a little research, and enabling debug messages, turned up that this was typically due to various plugins overloading the php memory limit.

The mighty google thre up a few solutions, none of which seemed to work:-

  • increase the limit in php.ini – as I’m on a shared hosting platform this wasn’t editable (is that even a word?)
  • override the limit per directory via .htaccess – which just resulted in the whole site throwing an internal server error (500)
  • override the limit at run time via by adding [define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’);] to wp-config.php – which seemed to make no difference
  • override the limit per script by adding [ini_set(‘memory_limit’, ‘128M’);] to the relavent functions that are causing issues – again no dice

So I was almost at the point of raising a ticket with my hosting provider in the depressing anticipation of being told that increasing memory limits wasn’t an option on my bargin basement proce plan.

Then I had a though

Then I checked my research and spotted a tiny flaw….

All the articles I’d read were between 3 and 5 years – PHP had moved on quite a bit.

More research – some sleep – planting some sunflowers – and I found the answer

Since PHP 5.3 “.user.ini” can be used to override php.ini on a per directory basis – so in effect is the new .htaccess

Very simple – very straightforward and very workable….



Happy happy – now I can turn on all those lovely plugins that I had been skimping on


I think I’m getting old

For no other reason than I’m developing an appreciation for country music…or more specifically Bluegrass music.

Strange how your tastes change as you get older….


Sunday Sunday,

well as weeks go it’s been fairly good…
I’m back into blogging – back drawing – back working towards hitting a few goals.

However, the highlight has to be Isaac picking his first strawberry from the garden:-

So all good!

I think the aim for the coming week is to sort out the lights in the front room and the sink in the downstairs toilet. Both simple and straight forward jobs, but both needing some application and fitting it around everything else.

On the blogging front it seems I’m continually hitting memory issues which are causing the dreaded ‘White screen of WordPress death’.
Although there is a work around that invovles turning off certain pluggins to edit or post anything new I don’t think this is sustainable in the long term.

I need to be able to edit php.ini but this is only a read only file in the current hosting environment – so….it looks like I might have to raise a ticket.



Finally found the song that’s been bugging me…

So Wednesday I had one of those moments when the perfect song came on at the perfect moment.
Complete serendipity…

But my memory for songs is nothing like Mr Bradshaw’s and I wasn’t quick enough with shazam which left me in a dilema.

So this song has been bugging me for days disco/funky/house….all about love…
Do you know how many songs go on about love, desire, hearts skipping a beat? Thousands!

But through a little persistence I found it…

A night of not much…

Well that isn’t strictly true.

I’ve finally hit on a perfect theme for satiricalblog.com and so have made the move to port it over to wordpress.
So hopefully soon I can get back to drawing – certainly there is enough going on in the world.

Oh and I started a few ‘1 second everyday’ films 🙂

Anyway DJSam has been hard at work with a new mix…

Get Dancing Presents Modern Northern Soul DJ Set by Dj Sam Bradshaw – Get-Dancing on Mixcloud


It seems today has been brought to me by the number 1.
From the events of 11.11 this morning to stumbling across 1second-everyday.

So 1SE got me thinking (again) about how I need to get back into blogging (again) and it might be a nice quick way to track things in this my 40th year.
But then I thought the realms of this blog probably give me a little more scope…or maybe both.

Anyway back to daily blogging – I will get my Mojo back.

And the song of the day…
Jackson Sisters – I Believe in Miracles – 1973 (which played at 11.11 today)