Shares, bears and shares

The research continues and my one research pick – not doing so well!
But my other ‘heard good things’ seem to be doing well despite the ‘bear’ market…

So what has this taught me?

I’ve not cracked the secrets of good research yet – and I’m not going to just go with my gut instinct (despite the amount of investment I’ve made in it).¬†Although I’ve found the naked trader good – I feel I need a more thorough understanding and different perspective on things.

With this in mind I’ve bought my second share-trading book ‘The Financial Times Guide to Selecting Shares that Perform: 10 ways to beat the stock market (The FT Guides)”

Big title that hopefully has content that lives up to it.

But I do need to get more disciplined in my search for good shares and the research that then goes alongside it. This is especially important as everything seems on a little bit of a downer. Now I’m not intending to try and catch a falling knife – I want to make sure that my ‘picks’ are based on sound investment strategy rather than just being lucky that the market has turned.

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