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I decided last week that I needed to do a better job of tracking the buys/sells that I was doing. Although my trading career is still in its infancy I was finding it difficult to remember where I bought shares and the thinking behind them. The solution – a simple tracking table linked to the articles where I research – easy!

So my first inclination was just to code this directly into a html table and update it each week – then I go into thinking about the overhead of doing this after 1-2 years.

I needed something slicker that was more spearsheet-esque…and after a very short search I came across a data table generator by Supsystic:-

The key benefits for me being:-

  • No complicated td tr coding
  • Support for the typical excel-style formulas
  • Easy CSS integration – simple to vary colours and fonts
  • Searching, ordering and pagination functions

After an hour of playing around waiting for Steph & Isaac to get ready for Delyth’s party I had what I needed with all the data…check it out:-



One thought on “Trade tracker page

  1. One thing I forgot to mention about the plugin is that is needs Magic Quotes switched off…
    It provides a few options for doing this based on this article:-
    However – like the issue I had previously had with memory limits on scripts, all the scripts/solutions were a little out of date.
    The solution for me was simple.
    In my root directory on my hosting platform there’s a .user.ini file (used to extend the memory limit in a shared hosting environment where php.ini is locked down). To this I simply added “magic_quotes_gpc = Off” – which worked a treat.

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