Software list

So I picked up a new laptop today Asus ZenBook UX305 – ok it looks like a MacBook air knock off but did everything I needed. Anyway I thought I’d track the Software I install/remove:-

  • Chrome – mainly as I hate IE and love Google
  • GDrive – because most of my stuff is on gdrive
  • KeePass (pro) – keeping my passwords safe
  • inkscape
  • Rainmeter – because desktops are so boring without it
  • Kitty – for all those ssh needs
  • 7zip
  • Skype
  • Libre Office
  • Google Photo – apparently they’ve discontinued Picassa!!
  • Notepad++ – normally I use Atom but needed something a little more lightweight
  • Kitty – these days I prefer it over Putty
  • FileZilla
  • SourceTree – to keep all the dev stuff in sync

…I’ll add more as get this up and running

Developing a new look for remission possible

I’ve taken over responsibility for the Remission Possible website which is currently hosted on

The plan is to develop a new look for the site then migrate the content over before relaunching the site along with a calendar of fundraising events.


So here I will keep track of what I’ve done in case I ever need to retrace/work out what I did.

Step 1

Installing a fresh copy of wordpress on a subdomain of galiquis to start developing the new look…once it’s all ready switch it to the main domain address for remission possible.

  • Create new folder
  • Create new subdomain pointint to new folder
  • Create new Database
  • SSH into 1and1
  • cd to correct folder
  • wget –no-check-certificate
    I needed to add the cert check
  • untar the file – tar xfvz latest.tar.gz
  • mv ./wordpress/* ./
  • Now go to the new domain which should then initiate the config of WP

All done!







Well life does have a way of pulling the rug from under you when things are going well…

Emily lost her battle – not to the cancer she beat twice – but to the numerous infections her newly transplanted Spanish immune system couldn’t fight off.

And to be honest it’s hit me for 6!

Obviously because of the shock of losing a member of the family at such a young age (18), partly because I genuinely never contemplated her not beating it completely and having a great life ahead of her. But mostly because in Emily I saw a reflection of all the things that I’ve aspired to be over the years.

Intimidatingly talented, both intellectually and spiritually – a true inspiration and rarity these days.


The fight goes on – through those left behind for those left with the same battle on their hands.

Emily wanted to leave a legacy – wanted to inspire, campaign and educate people on the cancer that came into her life. Well that will be her legacy. Remission possible, the blog/capaign she started will live on as a charity in its own right – continuing her work. This year will be filled with fundraising to help build a ward for teenage cancer patients in her name… but it won’t stop there I feel.