Developing a new look for remission possible

I’ve taken over responsibility for the Remission Possible website which is currently hosted on

The plan is to develop a new look for the site then migrate the content over before relaunching the site along with a calendar of fundraising events.


So here I will keep track of what I’ve done in case I ever need to retrace/work out what I did.

Step 1

Installing a fresh copy of wordpress on a subdomain of galiquis to start developing the new look…once it’s all ready switch it to the main domain address for remission possible.

  • Create new folder
  • Create new subdomain pointint to new folder
  • Create new Database
  • SSH into 1and1
  • cd to correct folder
  • wget –no-check-certificate
    I needed to add the cert check
  • untar the file – tar xfvz latest.tar.gz
  • mv ./wordpress/* ./
  • Now go to the new domain which should then initiate the config of WP

All done!






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