Machine Learning – Tutorial 2

Regression Intro

import pandas as pd
import quandl

df = quandl.get('WIKI/GOOGL') #import data from Qunadl
# print (df.head()) # print out the head rows of the data to check what we're getting

# create a dataframe
df = df[['Adj. Open', 'Adj. High', 'Adj. Low', 'Adj. Close','Adj. Volume']]
df['HL_pct'] = ((df['Adj. High'] - df['Adj. Close']) / df['Adj. Close']) * 100
df['pct_Change'] = ((df['Adj. Close'] - df['Adj. Open']) / df['Adj. Open']) * 100

df = df[['Adj. Close','HL_pct','pct_Change','Adj. Volume']]
print (df.head()) #just used to che data

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