There’s only been a few times when I felt I was living through history – Berlin Wall coming down, 911, 711… And the difference with all of those big events was I was always an observer, not caught up in them directly. 

This one is very different as it’s touching everyone with no part of the world not being impacted in some way shape or form.

So we’ve been in lock-down for about a week, with my boy (Isaac) being off school from Thursday, and so far it’s all been ok. It’s taken a bit of getting used to with replicating the school routine and it’s odd having to consciously put thought into shopping and food. It’s also struck me as slightly strange how people react and get into panic buying, which as a behaviour pattern always strikes me at Christmas (when the shops are only closed for 2 days).

Anyway I’ve kind of promised to myself to keep some notes through this period on how we’re coping – to document our part of it all.

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