Covid Isolation Week 8 Day 1 – Things are waking up

People are getting fed up of lockdown.

The media is just full of talk about how lockdown can be lifted…article after article about how other countries are lifting restrictions… it’s probably one of the most dangerous times. 

On our daily walk today we saw probably 25-30 people out and about. Normally that is less than 10….we even had to walk slower up the steep slope home.

Everyone is desperate to get back a little bit of normality.

…and yet in China they’ve just imposed news restrictions in Beijing and the US is talking about 100k deaths.

I’ve said to a few people that I think this will be a sombrero curve of a pandemic. There will be a second wave , people are getting complacent and the problem with this virus is that we don’t know the impact of lifting restrictions until 5 days after. We could change something that’s critical and then not know the impact until it’s too late. And the other compounding issue for al of this is that no one is measuring this stuff in the same way – so modelling different approaches is harder (or there is more guess work).

But there is good news…. the NHS is coping (or hasn’t critically failed or been over run). The new Nightingale Hospitals have been miraculously under used. The emergency production of ventilators – not needed. Capacity was ramped up quickly – just in case…and hasn’t been needed. That is unless the 2nd peak is worse than the 1st – which I don’t think it will be given how cautious people will be.

However, life is still going to be very strange until they get a vaccine… 

The other activity we did today on our walk was to try and spot as many different types of animal/insect as possible….here’s the list:-

  • Ants
  • Bumble bee x2
  • Crow
  • Dog x 3
  • Robin
  • Green Dock Beetle
  • Horse Fly
  • Horses x4
  • Earthworm
  • Common blue butterfly
  • Cabbage white butterfly
  • Red and Black Froghopper
  • Sheep
  • Cows

Covid-19 Symptom Check

The force is still with us

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