Covid Isolation Week 8 Day 4 – New Laptop….Yay!

So the laptop finally arrived – 3 week from a plant in China.

I vaguely debated leaving it for a few day but then realised the mammoth trip from China would kill off any virus on it. So new toy to play with, lots to install and work out.

It’s very shinny…. and cool…

Anyway the big debate in the press is whether restrictions will start to be lifted. There’s an announcement on Sunday and all the speculation is that people will be allowed to go out more and stay home less.

I’ve mixed feelings on it. On one hand, although I’ve quite liked the pace of life in lockdown it is starting to get a bit boring… or more accurately I need to see something other than the same 4 walls and the same walk in the woods. But the risks are still there… people are still dying and there are no effective vaccines on the horizon. I can’t remember who said it but I thought it was apt… lifting restrictions is nothing other than the government saying – we’ve got room for you in ICU.

We’ll see what happens – certainly there’s no need for us to head back to work anytime soon and schools are still going to be shut at the start of June….so for the time being nothing much will change. On the bright side I’m spending hardly anything at the moment.

Covid-19 Symptom Check

Still good…

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