Covid Isolation Week 8 Day 5 – VE Day normality

So I predict that towards the end of next week there is going to be a spike in cases… 

Encouraging everyone to have a drink in their front gardens or on drives was a great idea in theory. The reality was a load of people, starved of social interaction, all getting drunk together. And when people get drunk all those inhibitions go, along with sensible judgement.

We ended up having a BBQ with the neighbours opposite while having various people from the street  wander up to join us. It was great and I met a good number of people from the street that I never would under normal circumstances.

But was the 2m exclusion maintained….hell no!

Not as bad as Sam though who had a full blown party on the green outside his house – which ended up getting broken up by the police at 10pm. He even had to carry one of his neighbours home…social distancing lol

So the prediction is that cases will start creeping up in about a week…the R value was just under 1 so it won’t take much for the rate of infection to start increasing again.

Anyway it was a well needed break from the drudgery of lockdown – just hope we didn’t pick anything up.

In earlier news….we met this pair while out walking….what are the chances 🙂

Covid-19 Symptom Check

…5 days and counting….maybe 🙁

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