Covid Isolation Week 8 Day 7 – Covid Confuddlement

So the four nations of the UK are each seemingly taking different approaches to the continuation of lockdown. Or the Celtic nations are taking a more cautious approach to all this than Boris.

Here in Wales the message is still stay at home, the only big changes being that you can go out and exercise locally more than once a day. Which is similar to Scotland and Northern Ireland which extended the stay at home message a few days ago. 

Where as for England – it’s a whole heap of confusing things.
Go outside as much as you like – and if you want to drive somewhere new for a bit of a change…off you go.
Picnic on a beach or in a park – go for it!
Can’t work from home – well then really you should be trying to get into work! Just don’t use public transport…

So if the R value wasn’t already on the rise due to the bank holiday fun…then it absolutely will now.


Covid-19 Symptom Check

What’s that coming over the hill…is it a monster

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