Covid Isolation Week 9 Day 4 – Shop shop shop shop shopppping

Today has been all about shopping – which has now turned into a three hour round trip and a huge alcohol bill. On the bright side however, we’re not spending anything on socialising, meals out or takeaways. I know a lot of the guys are regularly hitting up the local Indians and Chineses but we’ve stuck to just home cooked food. You’d think we would have also lost a bit of weight with the healthy eating – but there has been very little healthy about what we’ve been cooking. 

Part of the shopping run was dropping a few bits over to my sister and instead of jumping in the car I decided to take the opportunity to walk over as it was a nice day. I was surprised on how many people were up at the ridgeway – numbers on our normal walk have been creeping up but the cafe at the ridgeway was doing a roaring trade… It all contributes to that sense of it all easing and people eager to get back to normality.

Anyway one of the treats for Isaac on arriving at Auntie Cristyn’s was freshly hatched little chicks (Polish Bantams)….he was very excited 

Covid-19 Symptom Check

Starting to think it’s all been a big con 🙂

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