Covid Isolation Week 9 Day 5 – Slower pace

Another Friday, one week after the street party and so far no symptoms…not that I thought we’d taken that much of a risk.

My parents came over for another socially distant walk… which never keeps to a 2m distance, especially when my Mum wants to show pictures she’s taken. Still it was good to see them and catchup.

My Mum was talking about the effects of lockdown on them and the fact that for them a slower pace of life has just made them feel older. There might be something to this… normally they’re very busy and always off visiting, having meals out, coffees, seeing sights… but now a lot of that is curtailed and certainly my Mum is finding it quite boring. There’s bound to be an impact of that on the older generation – and I wonder if this will contribute to a drop in the average mortality age.

The walk we normally go on takes us along the canal by the M4 and there is definitely more traffic – more lorries, more cars. I can’t see them sticking to the strict lockdown in Wales for long but I suppose it depends on the level of infection. One report has estimated that 19m people in the UK have had it, while another puts the current level of infection in the general populous at only 1 in 400 (0.25). If both of these are right then a lot of people will have some immunity and the chances of you meeting someone with it is very low. So there may be a case to lift the restrictions….time as always will tell.

Covid-19 Symptom Check

I’m now more worried about my weight than the virus 🙂

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