Covid Isolation – Week 9 Day 6/7

The other thing I’ve noticed recently, although I’m sure it’s been going on for a while, is the creeping politicisation of the Covid response.

At the start there was general support for the steps taken which went hand in hand with a unified response. Now that Boris is taking a different approach there are both people criticising him for being too bold and others for being too cautious. Having watched most of his speeches I think he’s trying to thread a delicate balance between allowing sensible interactions and sensible encouragement of the economy. The problem is that nuanced messages tend to not work – it’s the simple black and white ones that generally work best. All those delicate instances needed people to use common sense just get distorted by the media playing the whatif game…let alone common sense not being that common.

So the options for me and my family are quite simple… we’re aware of the risks and have no intention of letting up the careful approach to life. 

That said Steph spent some time with Rhian, partly for her birthday and partly to catchup with her after her mastectomy. In a sign of how the virus is changing healthcare – she was in and out of hospital in a day, left to recuperate at home and taught how to do her own drains. Again I wonder how this approach will carry on once all this is behind us (if we ever get there). If people are capable of doing themselves some of the trickier procedures needed for recovery from surgery – why keep them in hospital longer than needed with the associated expense.

We also met up with Cristyn and the girls in the woods. Another supposed social-distance catch-up where the kids tried their best to keep apart – but it’s hard when you’re that age. Lots of fun though and Isaac loved being able to play with the girls.

Covid-19 Symptom Check

All good in the hood…

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