Covid Isolation Week 10 Day 2 – The lock down grind, grinds on

It really is getting boring now… I’m even bored of the same walk in the nature reserve. On the plus side Isaac is now proficient in his tables, forwards and backwards – except his 12s but then who uses their 12s. His school work seems a little on the easy side overall, with him normally powering through three days worth of maths in an hour. Even his English seems to be flying along – but it’s hard to judge given the lack of contact with other parents.

Steph has started taking him for a run each morning to try and up the amount of activity he’s doing. So far they’ve both enjoyed it – long may it continue.

I think the bit I’m stuggling with is the disrupted work pattern.

I start at 7:30…get online…and work through until 12:30. Then lunch and schooling Isaac, usual walk…and then try and get back online to work around 3, finishing about 17:30. What I find is that I’ve jut cleared my emails and caught up with people when it’s time for lunch….and then after lunch there never seems enough time.

First world Covid problems.

Anyway today’s walk…

Covid-19 Symptom Check


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