Covid Isolation Week 11 Day 2 – domestication

It comes to something where I have a day off work and do nothing other than clean the house…. that’s how bad this lockdown is getting.

That’s a slight exaggeration – my new found domesticatedness started just before lockdown but it has certainly been cemented as a habit. I tend to now sort things when I spot they need doing instead of leaving them to another time. It has helped massively on the domestic front and has helped keep all those petty housework arguments to a minimum.

So today has been a day of tiding the kitchen and giving it a good deep clean. In between that my parents dropped some shopping off from Cristyn and we arranged to go for a socially responsible, regulation distance, walk over Beechwood park later in the week. I’m hoping that on Friday the Welsh government start relaxing the rules slightly – certainly I’m hoping to be able to drive somewhere else for a walk.

Anyway… the normal walk isn’t too bad 🙂

Covid-19 Symptom Check

Still good…

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