Covid Isolation Week 14 Day 3 – snakes and thunder storms

This weeks seems to be one of bumping into people while out walking. Yesterday it was Rhian and Mike, today my aunt Hillary and my cousin Gavin’s family. It was nice to catch-up.

So today’s walk took us to Beechwood park to meet up with my sister. Her girls wanted to see the stone snake that has been growing over lock down. Isaac had a bad day yesterday so it was nice for him to play with the girls and get some sunshine at the same time. He’s been struggling with being on his own when I’m on calls – which isn’t often but to him it feels significant. But we’ve talked about it and chatted through what he can do when he feels like that – the best thing being to come and talk about it.

It’s tricky… lock down parenting…

Hopefully he’ll go back to school for a few days before the summer holidays.

Covid Symptom Check…

Isaac still has a stinking cold but no temperature

Covid Isolation Week 14 Day 1 – Week 14!!! Week 14!!!

Although things are starting to open up I think it’s still a long way to go…

Today the news was full of people queuing for the newly open shops… massive long queues for Primark of all places!

The thing that I’m curious about it how, despite all the easing of restrictions and mass gatherings, the R rate hasn’t rocketed. I wonder if there is a milder version also in circulation. But there seems to be early signs of another spike happening in China – much that you can’t trust the figures too much, and South America is ramping up.

With all the differences in how numbers are recorded it”l be interesting to look back in a few years and see the real impact – and which types of government fared better than others. 

Africa is still a big worry.

Anyway today we walked up to 14 Locks and back… a nice long jaunt…

Nice to be out after the rainy weekend


Covid-19 Symptom Check

Isaac has a cold…but it might be hayfever 

Covid Isolation Week 13 Day 2 – Frogs and swings

Retrospective post – as I wanted to make sure I captured the highlight of the week…seeing the girls 🙂

As with most meetups this involved going to the rope swing in the woods while also exploring the jetty and the cannal ponds where we found frogs….very exciting.

Although it was slightly marred by Lowri falling off the rope swing it was a good afternoon of adventure….

Honestly it’s a very small frog…

Covid Isolation Week 12 Day 4 – queues

I don’t think I’ll ever adjust to the way queues look at the moment.

You drive past a shop and see a trailing queue outside and something just triggers not to bother trying to get in. In reality the que is probably 10 mins long…but the sight always makes me think I can’t be  arsed waiting for an hour.

So today was a hectic one in work. That’s the problem with having time off, it all needs to be caught up on. And having to stop halfway through the day just makes it hard to get everything done – especially when people naturally arrange meetings for the afternoon.

First world problems.

Highlight of the day was my parents joining us for a ‘legal’ socially distant walk. It was good and we ended up walking up on the Ridgeway, which I thought would be too much for them – but it was fine 🙂

Covid-19 Symptom Check

Still good in the hood