Covid Isolation Week 12 Day 4 – queues

I don’t think I’ll ever adjust to the way queues look at the moment.

You drive past a shop and see a trailing queue outside and something just triggers not to bother trying to get in. In reality the que is probably 10 mins long…but the sight always makes me think I can’t be  arsed waiting for an hour.

So today was a hectic one in work. That’s the problem with having time off, it all needs to be caught up on. And having to stop halfway through the day just makes it hard to get everything done – especially when people naturally arrange meetings for the afternoon.

First world problems.

Highlight of the day was my parents joining us for a ‘legal’ socially distant walk. It was good and we ended up walking up on the Ridgeway, which I thought would be too much for them – but it was fine 🙂

Covid-19 Symptom Check

Still good in the hood

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