Covid Isolation Week 14 Day 1 – Week 14!!! Week 14!!!

Although things are starting to open up I think it’s still a long way to go…

Today the news was full of people queuing for the newly open shops… massive long queues for Primark of all places!

The thing that I’m curious about it how, despite all the easing of restrictions and mass gatherings, the R rate hasn’t rocketed. I wonder if there is a milder version also in circulation. But there seems to be early signs of another spike happening in China – much that you can’t trust the figures too much, and South America is ramping up.

With all the differences in how numbers are recorded it”l be interesting to look back in a few years and see the real impact – and which types of government fared better than others.¬†

Africa is still a big worry.

Anyway today we walked up to 14 Locks and back… a nice long jaunt…

Nice to be out after the rainy weekend


Covid-19 Symptom Check

Isaac has a cold…but it might be hayfever¬†

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