Conviviality PLC (CVR) – Research

Conviviality PLC (CVR)

Source of tip

This came via the Motly Fool share tips – courtesy of a cool little site that ranks share tipsters – I’ll be doing a follow up post on that soon.


What’s the company worth (Market Cap)?

Share price x number of shares.
Looking for £50m to £950m.


What are the full year pre-tax profits?

Full year, preliminary, interim results.
Look to see if the market cap is 15x this at most.

Full year pre-tax profits (01/05/2016) – £8.93M
Interim pre-tax profits (30/10/2016) – £7.43M

However the ratio isn’t great – potentially over priced

What is the net debt?

Should not exceed 3x full year pre-tax profits

Total Equity in business (01/05/2016) – £182.83M

Big spread?

Anything more than 5% = bad

Price rising?


Profits rising?

Full year, preliminary, interim results

Dividends rising?

01/11/2015 – 6.3p
30/10/2016 – 7.4p


Is the outlook positive?

Full year, preliminary, interim results

Anything negative happening?

Nothing from google searches

Are markets improving or getting worse?


What sector is it part of – any concerns in the press?

Wholesale and retail supply of beers, wines, spirits, tobacco, grocery and confectionery

Next statement due on?


Company website good?


Any recent director share dealings?


NINo Stars

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