There’s only been a few times when I felt I was living through history – Berlin Wall coming down, 911, 711… And the difference with all of those big events was I was always an observer, not caught up in them directly.Β 

This one is very different as it’s touching everyone with no part of the world not being impacted in some way shape or form.

So we’ve been in lock-down for about a week, with my boy (Isaac) being off school from Thursday, and so far it’s all been ok. It’s taken a bit of getting used to with replicating the school routine and it’s odd having to consciously put thought into shopping and food. It’s also struck me as slightly strange how people react and get into panic buying, which as a behaviour pattern always strikes me at Christmas (when the shops are only closed for 2 days).

Anyway I’ve kind of promised to myself to keep some notes through this period on how we’re coping – to document our part of it all.

Glastonbury 2016 – muddy but fun

So another year another Glastonbury… and as predicted it was time for a wet one.
But in true Glasto style, the weather just added to the atmosphere and Β fun.

It seems the more I go to Glastonbury the less it seems about the bands and acts – this year I only really caught a few bands (ELO, Earth Wind & Fire, Madness).
The highlight though was good old Craig Charles up in Shangri-la…

But there were other great moments…

It was definitely the year of the backstage/crew bar – and as always meeting up with great mates πŸ™‚




Back to reality…

So holiday blues have well and truly settled in…

  • Partly the lack of beautiful blue ocean from my bedroom window
  • Partly not enjoying firepits with good friends
  • Partly the ecstasyΒ and agony of a go-live in work
  • Partly…or maybe mostly going through Emily’s laptop

It’s a tough job – tougher than I ever thought it would be and something that has made me realise that we all should be responsible for curating our digital lives.

Also there was a complete mixup with the renewal of remission possible – something that again would be helped by thinking about the digital foot print we leave behind. Not that I’d want or expect Emily to have done anything differently – more that I should sort out my crap.

So today the blues…

…tomorrow the new design for life