smugglers_runAfter the relative ease of the “Boris Wheel of Brexit” I’ve been thinking of my next Phaser project.

Growing up I was always quite a fan of mini driving games and so thought about combining this with elements of an endless runner with a space type theme. So the objective being to get from point A to B as quick as possible with lots of planets, black holes and pirates getting in your way – using some good old fashioned racing physics.

This should break down in to a number of simple steps to really push the phaser learning.



Wheel demo

One of the projects I want to progress is taking the ideas behind and turning them into interactive games - still with the satirical twist but a bit more fun. This is in part to progress my skills from the drawing of cartoons and graphics to a bit of coding.
To help my with this I've been looking at a number of HTML5 frameworks and in particular Phaser.
So my first mini project will be creating a wheel of fortune style game for the Brexit campaign - based on the Phaser tutorial here.


[iframe src="" width="458" height="488"]