First foray into usability testing…

More and more intranets and information portals are becoming the primary channel for doing anything in business and where I work is no different.

For a while I’ve been promoting the importance of the user/customer experience and today was the first step in taking that on from simply conducting quantitative satisfaction surveys to really focusing on how our customers use our web channels.

So over the next few weeks I will be researching, developing, testing and finally conducting my first usability tests – and will be blogging about my experiences as I go.

Step 1 – a little research….

There’s an awful lot of rubbish out there about usability testing and companies asking thousands for their expertise.

In terms of the approach I’m going to be taking it’s been essentially worked out from these great sites

  1. – actually if you only go to one place go here….it covers everything in detail and importantly, like all great advice, is free… fill your boots
    Some great advice here from the ‘Nielsen Norman Group’ around how you don’t need large numbers to get some great insights into improvements that can be made.
    Useful overview of the general approach I’ll be using.

My next post should focus on planning the usability test and going through the key areas that need to be covered.