It’s been a bad few days on the market…

…and consequently a lot of the minor gains I’d started to make have been reversed. However, I’ve not hit any of my stops yet and there is some better economic data around…so fingers crossed things should start heading up.

Admiral – still holding up but the ‘talk’ seems to be edging more on the sell side of things, with the question now being should I take the little profit or is there more to go? So the reason I bought into Admiral was their recent expansion plans locally – these are still on course and they are still recruiting a lot of jobs. This was always going to be a long burn for me – and given where the rest of the market is I think there is scope for it to improve. So I’m going to sit tight.

Breedon Aggregates Ltd – since buying at the end of Jan there was a brief spike before falling back off – with the general trend being lower not higher. Currently I’m down 2% but looking at some of the advice the consensus is a buy. So it seems worth sitting tight again – especially as most of the investment firms holding this have a 75.50 target point.

Xaar plc – overall this is down 3% but again the talk is of potentially higher prices. If anything the last 3 weeks have been fairly flat so again a hold as there’s no sign of bad news.

Dart Group plc – has taken quite a hit recently and currently in my portfolio down 5.8% with very little talk around it. I’m going to watch this closely for the next couple of trading days and cut my losses if something positive doesn’t happen soon.

EasyJet – this was another gut feel buy based on a few articles I’d read and so far (again) the talk is glowing and the performance lacking – down 2.7% but I’m going to sit tight for now.

Fusionex International plc – So these shares crashed from a fairly solid, long term, level of around 330…mainly due to some supplier cash flow issues and some bad comms. The news is positive and the company still seems solid – so again sit tight.

I hate sitting tight!