Python interlude

So the key project I’ve been working on is looking at stock market data and trying to develop a set of python tools that allows me to make better predictions.

This started with Beautiful Soup scripts designed to harvest company fundamentals from the London Stock Exchange website – integrating this to a SQL database for later analysis. This should given me all the raw data I need to determine whether a company is viable (passing a set of qualifier tests) along with (eventually) a way of predicting a base share value.

The second element to the project is then using sentiment analysis to look at how those same companies are being discussed on social media. This has been based on Sendex’s tutorials using Twitter, but my hope is to adapt these to other platforms. This then compliments the base data with some views on where current sentiment is – and hopefully there is a correlation between the two data-sets.

However, the current virus has meant free fall in most stock indexes which is probably going to skew my model. So I’m going to let it pass while working on a few supplementary modules that I would have gotten around to including at a later date.

Namely Machine Learning 🙂

So as before I’m going to follow Sendex’s tutorials on this.
There are a few Udemy courses I’ve done in this area – so I might not keep extensive notes – just cover the key elements I need to keep track of.

Anyway….music not related…