Trading tool-set for newbies

One thing that has struck me in the world of shares is there is very little around that gets recommended without an angle. Lots of places and people will offer up their preferred tool-set/forum/font of knowledge but you can bet there’s a registration or referral involved.

So just to track where I am and what I’ve found here are three great sites that have really helped me…

The Share Centre – best place to trade

So when I started out on this roller coaster (or other travel metaphor) I was looking around at trading sites that offered up practice accounts. Probably for it’s clear/no clutter/lack of adds, stood heads and shoulders above many of its competitors. The practice account lured me in, the features and friendly advice and support kept me coming back.

Although I’m just learning via the practice account, eventually trading through then is probably an option – supported by the numerous recent awards they’ve won.

Things I like…

  • Modern clean/crisp feel to the site
  • Lack of cheap looking adverts
  • Lots of support and friendly advice/articles

Google Finance – best place to get the latest portfolio news

For me this has been a recent discovery and probably one that I should have engaged my brain around and checked out sooner. I’d played around with getting news on my shares and watch lists on a few different sites but nothing hit the mark…I thought about setting up google alerts (and still probably will for IPO news) and then I stumbled across Google’s finance section. Login and give it your portfolio and immediately it brings up all the latest news on your shares. Of course the news feeds are detailed and comprehensive but then it’s google – who better for trawling the internet for new articles.

One very nifty feature is that any upcoming events linked to your shares can be added to your calendar at the click of a button – but then I am a sad google fan-boy.

Things I like…

  • Simple interface for reviewing portfolio performance
  • Comprehensive news listing
  • Integration with calendars so no big event is missed

Hargreaves Lansdown – best place to look for shares

Another recent discovery, although it’s cropped up in a few articles I’ve read – so I probably should have checked it out sooner. Hargreaves Lansdown have a great site that I’ve only started getting into but what has really stood out has been their stock screener. It’s comprehensive and detailed with many options for filtering shares based on a multitude of indicators. Ok,some of the cool slider things sometimes get in the way – but all in all it’s a great tool.

Things I like…

  • Lack of adverts getting in the way (take note ADVFN)
  • Detailed filter options for shares