WordPress Theme creation

So part of rekindling of my blogging love is the firm commitment to learn how to create my own themes.
Partly this is due to the frustration at the current crop of themes not quite nailing it, and seemingly growing number that seem to charge for anything above the basics. This of course is a sweeping generalisation that has little basis in any fact other than my irritation that I can’t do out of the box the cool things I want. Also wedded to this frustration is a deep down belief that I probably could do better – the hubris flight leaves soon.

Where to start…

Well a quick tour around google turned up a number of starter themes each based on a variety of different frameworks and approaches. The flexibility of WP as a platform leads to a bewildering number of options to achieve the desired end result. So based on three main factors I picked Underscores (_S), the three factors being:-

  • It came recommended from a number of the top hits in google
  • It was the basis of the WordPress 2015 theme – if they like it it must be good
  • Its designed to just be hacked and pulled around – as opposed to being the parent of a child theme
  • It comes with it’s own config utility on hhtp://underscores.me that allows it to be branded appropriately before download
  • Ok this is factor number 5 – It has one or two great tutorials to follow
    (just to note – I’m anything except a reliable narrator of my own blog)

Having picked a suitably unoriginal theme name I filled out the details on Underscores.me and downloaded my nice new theme.

Installing it was simple and straightforward (as you would expect from WP) and similarly enabling it was straight forward…
Then came the shock of realising just how bare a starter theme can be…

Yep it looked like it was designed in the 80’s – which if I had engaged my brain wouldn’t of been such a shock.

But this led to a little complication. Although I wanted to learn the zen of theme building I didn’t want my site to look like amateur hour while I crafted my skills.

Luckily there were, again, lots of options on the font of all modern wisdom (google)… the one I picked was ¬†installing a nifty little plugin called ‘Theme Test Drive‘.
This enables you to run a separate theme as administrator while the general public see a different one. This gave me the flexibility to craft out a new them behind the scenes – learning my craft as I go, while keeping the external view of the site untouched. Also it had a very cool option of allowing a url option to point to the admin theme – allowing a sneak peak.


Anyway its a start and as develop the new theme I’ll be posting here to track what I’ve done, and how it’s worked out.